Build Lasting Connections for Fortune and Friendships

Building successful, well-tended relationships is a crucial component for manifesting abundance, whether in the form of fortunes, friendships, family connectedness, or other personal or professional treasures.

Getting along skillfully with people colors your world with a vibrant network of connections, enriching your relationships with a never-ending collection of infinite rewards.

Cultivating enduring connections requires an unyielding commitment as a Conscious Connector in every interaction. The investment of your time, energy, and effort in doing so produces a priceless legacy-a combination of how well and how often you’ve listened, encouraged, and supported others; empowered them to express their best; recognized and appreciated their gifts, talents, and contributions; respected their feelings and honored their ideas and opinions; preserved their trust by keeping promises; acted with integrity; and valued them so they know their wellbeing is your priority.

Keep a vigilant eye on the quality of your connections, because the quality of your total life experience is directly linked to that network. Regularly assess your determination to infuse an enduring value into your relationships to make them thrive and flourish.

Based on the book, “Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere” by Arnold Sanow and Sandra Strauss are you answering “yes” to all of the questions below:

· Are you making good connections a daily priority?

· Do your words and actions usually prompt positive responses from others?

· When problems arise, do you seek solutions that hold the greatest possibility of satisfying mutual needs?

· Do you claim your fair share of mistakes, misunderstandings, or other misbehaviors and seek to repair them?

· Do you constantly monitor what’s important to people in every arena of your influence and explore ways to honor those needs?

· Can people count on you? Do you keep your promises?

· Does every member of your family know how much you care and value them? If yes, how do you know for certain? If you’re not sure, what might you do to demonstrate how much each family member is valued, appreciated, and treasured?

· Do your business associates, friends, and others realize how much you appreciate their talents, friendship, support, and investment of their personal energy? What are some ways you might acknowledge how much you value them and their contributions?

· Have you experienced a “falling out” with someone, resulting in unfinished business? If so, what might you do to repair, heal, or restore it?

· Are you holding a grudge or resentment toward anyone? If so, how is it serving your best interests? How long do you want to stay connected to that experience? What conditions make it difficult to forgive those involved and let it go?

· Is there any relationship that’s not working as well as you’d like? What might you do to improve it?

· Do you have a special way of adding your personal signature of uniqueness to your working relationships-special things you do to create good feelings with your colleagues and customers? If not, how might you add your own special signature for creating an enduring impression? What might further fortify your unforgettable nature that reinforces your values?