OMG! Not Another Career Assessment: A Developer's Journey

Written by Mark Majors, PhD, developer of the Majors Assessments
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OMG! Not Another Career Assessment: A Developer's Journey

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Inside this report, Mark Majors, Ph.D. discusses:

  • The History Behind the Occupational
  • Environment Measure (OEM) 
  • The Role of a Career Development Counselor 
  • OMG Not Another Career Assessment
  • The Importance of Self Understanding 
  • How Should I Use the OEM With Clients? 
  • Why Do I Need Another Career Assessment? 
  • Appendix: Occupational Activity Groupings 
  • Appendix: Global Interest Areas 
OMG! Not Another Career Assessment: A Developer's Journey

About Mark S. Majors, Ph.D.

Dr. Mark S. Majors is a counseling psychologist with extensive psychometric credentials. His Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and Multicultural Studies is from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and he earned a MS and BS in Psychology (with distinction) from Iowa State University. He is the author and developer of the Majors Personality Type Inventory™ (Majors PTI™), Majors Occupational Environment Measure™ (Majors OEM™), Majors Elements of Personality Type™ (Majors Elements™), and the Majors SGI (Majors Spiritual Gifts Inventory). Mark also provided the data analysis on the 1994 Strong Interest Inventory, the MBTI® Form M and Form Q, as well as the development of the IRT scoring for the MBTI® Form Q, and coauthor for the MBTI® Form Q Manual. While a research scientist at Consulting Psychologists Press, he led the psychometric and scoring development of the Strong Interest Explorer. He is the author of Why Does the Personality Instrument Matter and OMG! Not Another Career Assessment: A Developer’s Journey.