Why Does The Personality Instrument Matter?

Inside this report, Mark Majors discusses:

  • Why is Instrumentation Important?
  • Consistency and Standardization
  • Measurement Reliability as an Anchor for Consistency and Standardization
  • Validity or the Consistency and Standardization of Meaning and Language
  • What Does an Instrument Do?
  • The Proper Use of an Assessment of Personality Typology
  • Some Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Majors PTI History and Psychometrics

About Mark S. Majors, Ph.D.

Dr. Mark S. Majors is a counseling psychologist with extensive psychometric credentials. His Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and Multicultural Studies is from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and he earned a MS and BS in Psychology (with distinction) from Iowa State University. He is the author and developer of the Majors Personality Type Inventory™ (Majors PTI™), Majors Occupational Environment Measure™ (Majors OEM™), Majors Elements of Personality Type™ (Majors Elements™), and the Majors SGI (Majors Spiritual Gifts Inventory). Mark also provided the data analysis on the 1994 Strong Interest Inventory, the MBTI® Form M and Form Q, as well as the development of the IRT scoring for the MBTI® Form Q, and coauthor for the MBTI® Form Q Manual. While a research scientist at Consulting Psychologists Press, he led the psychometric and scoring development of the Strong Interest Explorer.

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