About Leader’s Beacon

Leader’s Beacon is a provider of software for psychometric assessments and experience management surveys for human resource, career development, and organizational development professionals.

Our suite of assessment solutions and experience management tools enables our customers to facilitate individual growth and development through a deeper understanding of self and others, adapt continuously to market needs, and make a difference.

About Kris Kiler

Founder, President

Kris Kiler has been involved in organizational development and training community for over 25 years. Kris began his journey in late 1995 at the Temperament Research Institute where he spearheaded the publishing of new products and lead business operations. In 1998, Kris registered the domain name 16types.com and developed the concept for what would be a professional online website for all professional users of the varying models of psychological type. In 2001, he took the publishing company Telos Publications and founded 16types.com under the umbrella corporation Unite Media Group. In 2001, he launched 16types.com as a central hub for type practitioners. In 2004, Unite Media Group acquired and rebranded Temperament Research Institute and launched Interstrength Associates as a training and consulting business. Shortly after, Unite Media Group acquired CareerTrainer and the suite of Knowdell Career Assessments.  As CEO of Unite Media Group (16types.com, Telos Publications, Interstrength Associates, CareerTrainer); Kris created the 16types.com and Interstrength brands, was the editor of Telos Publications and was responsible for publishing 28 books including the Understanding Yourself and Others series and Quick Guide series and more than 20 training support materials to support the professional users of temperament, interaction styles and cognitive dynamics; designed the 16types Pro System, an online software system for delivering psychological assessments; rebranded, redesigned and relaunched the Knowdell Career Assessments; oversaw and collaborated on the development and launch of the updated Temperament model, Interaction Styles model and Cognitive Dynamics model at Interstrength Associates, retooled and launched a certification program for professional trainers, a corporate training curriculum and an associate network through Interstrength Associates. In 2007, he sold his interest in Unite Media Group for personal reasons and started what would become Net One Click, a marketing services company.

Since 2007, Kris has kept himself busy. He spent a few years in corporate America as an Instructional Design Engineer for Ceridian Payroll Services, where he lead a cross-functional initiative to develop and implement a learning and development program for their customer service department of more than a hundred employees, collaborated on implementing a Net Promoter Score (NPS) initiative and created and managed their annual customer conference for two years. In 2010, he created TypeLabs, where he created a few training products for temperament and cognitive dynamics, a series of videos for Cracking the Type Code and launched the Type Practitioner Blueprint, a webinar series for professional users of psychological type.

Over the last 15 years at Net One Click, Kris has worked with more than 200 clients. In 2014, he developed Patient Promoter, a reputation management software for medical practices using the Net Promoter Score model as a method for surveying patients, gathering feedback, and generating positive reviews online. Kris has always had a passion for helping individuals find and explore their potential. In 2019, he decided to start building once again and the Shift Platform was born. Through Leader’s Beacon, he hopes to build a new community and to make the Shift Platform an invaluable tool for professionals around the world. There is a lot more to come!

Kris is the author of Ready, Aim, Capture!: The Secret to Successful Internet Marketing. Kris has also authored numerous ebooks and special reports including The Role of Talent Development in Employee Engagement (2009), The 6 Keys to Internet Marketing Success, Optimize Your Web Platform: A Small Business Guide to Internet Marketing Automation, and The Patient Experience: A Quick Guide to Reputation Management for Health Care.

You can contact Kris Kiler at kris@leadersbeacon.com or connect on LinkedIn.

Kris Kiler