Help Clients Be More Effective in Their Personality Type

Now, exclusively on Leader’s Beacon, you can print customized reports based on the extensive personality type data in YOU: Being More Effective in Your Personality Type. No assessment needed. Enter you participant’s info and print the PDF file.

YOU: Custom Reports for Personality Type

The research findings are clear and simple. Successful and effective people know themselves better. The research also says that most people don’t really know themselves very well. So, this is a big gap and an opportunity for most.

The more you know about YOU, the better.

With more than 20 pages for each personality type, YOU: Being More Effective in Your Personality Type is the only research-based leadership development book that centers around personality type. In YOU, personality type is related to effectiveness patterns using data from a variety of sources, including the Center for Creative Leadership. For each type, YOU suggests strengths you likely have, some ways you might get into trouble, and what you can do about it.

The information presented in a participants YOU report is an important tool in being able to relate to others as well as present new ideas and potential opportunities in the best way possible. It is a cost-effective way to gain knowledge about an individual’s personality type.

Custom YOU Reports are for practitioners who want their participants to:

  • Be more effective personally and professionally through a greater understanding of their personality type.
  • Grow, enhance their skills, and have better relationships with others, both at and outside of work.
  • Be able to relate their personality type to skills and effectiveness.
  • Directly relate type preference to increasing competence and productivity at work.

For each personality type, the report covers:

  • Typical strengths.
  • Typical patterns of behavior.
  • Typical challenges in becoming more effective in your type.
  • What do do when you overdo an aspect of your type.
  • A case (Application) to help you think through how your type plays out in typical work situations.
  • Numerous sources for further reading.
YOU Being More Effective in Your Personality Type
YOU Custom Reports
YOU Custom Reports

Our advice is to have your participant:

  • Read through typical strengths and patterns of behavior, noting which of those are most typical for them.
  • Read through the typical Being More Effective challenges and see which tips speak to feedback they have received in performance discussions or in 360º feedback.
  • Scan through Overusing Tendencies tips for problems that arise when a pattern goes into overdrive. These problems arise when someone is so INTJ or too much ENFP, for example.
  • For their most typical issues, what development tips might help them be more effective?

The Value in YOU: Being More Effective in Your Personality Type

Insight from YOU reports can help clients improve their self-awareness, particularly by assessing their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. This can help leaders make faster and better decisions. This is also a valuable resource for teams that want to function and communicate more effectively as well as address challenges such as communication gaps, misalignment, and how to achieve goals for the future. It also assists with daily management of tasks, how to be more efficient, and how to best negotiate with others.

YOU reports are an invaluable resource for individuals, teams, and organizations that want to improve communication channels as well as gain a better understanding of the personality types and how they relate.

YOU Custom Personality Type Reports

Characteristic YOU: Custom Reports
Number of pages 20+ pages (varies by type)
File type PDF
Requirement No assessment needed. Select Type and print report.
Report Cost $14.95 (1-99)

$12.71 (100-499) – 15% off

$10.47 (500+) – 30% off

Purchase a copy of YOU: Being More Effective in Your Personality Type for $65.00 from Leadership Peformance Systems, INc.

About Roger Pearman

Roger is the Managing Partner of the innovative and dynamic talent development firm TalentTelligent, LLC, developer of the Pearman Personality Integrator, Type 360 and Leader Agility 360, author or co-author of YOU: Being More Effective in Your Personality Type, I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You, People Skills Handbook: Action Tips to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence, HardWired Leadership, Introduction to Type and Emotional Intelligence, and many other publications.

Roger has extensively consulted with executives and leaders in government, business, and education across the world through programs that focus on leadership development, change and transition management, executive team development and team performance, succession planning and talent retention, and leading through company lifecycles and culture development for financial returns. He has trained and certified more than 15,000 professionals on assessments like the MBTI, FIROB, CPI, Strong, EQ-i 2.0, and others.