Leader's Beacon™
Shift Platform

A powerful system for talent development, career development and organizational development professionals. Use advanced psychometric tools and survey participant experience on a single platform.

Leader’s Beacon™ is a provider of software for psychometric assessments and experience management surveys for human resource, career development, and organizational development professionals.

Our suite of assessment solutions and experience management tools enables our customers to facilitate individual growth and development through a deeper understanding of self and others, adapt continuously to market needs, and make a difference.

 Shift Platform

A Powerful System for Understanding Human Behavior

  • Manage clients
  • Keep organized with a project-based system
  • Use psychometric assessments
  • Survey participant experiences

Psychometric Assessments

Explore human potential

Experience Surveys

Unlock the Value of Your Participant Experiences

  • Single question, high-response rate.
  • A simple, practical measure to examine what your participants think and feel about your services.
  • Use positive feedback to promote services.

HR Magazine reports that companies investing $1,500 or more per employee per year on training average 24 percent higher profit margins than companies with lower yearly training investments.

Features of the Leader's Beacon Shift Platform™


Command Center

Command Center gives you an overview of your entire account.

Client Management

Manage your client data and associate your projects with client accounts.

Project Based

Project-based system that keeps your participants and reports organized.


On-screen and PDF reports available for all projects.

Psychometric Assessments

Qualified professionals can utilize psychometric tools from personality assessments to career assessments.

Experience Surveys

Professionals can use experience surveys to gather feedback, assess user experience, and generate testimonials for internal/external marketing.

Participant Management

Easily add or import participants for your projects.

Help Desk

Integrated support system for requesting help or asking questions.

File Library

Manage your ebooks or other purchased electronic files in one place.

Customize Messaging

Customize every aspect of your projects from invitations to your landing pages.

Assessments are used by 75% of Best-in-Class organizations for developing targeted development plans and by 61% for developing interpersonal and leadership skills —Aberdeen Group, Talent Assessment Strategies 2012.

Majors Personality Type Inventory (MajorsPTI)

Although it produces the four-letter personality type code that the MBTI® is known for, the code used by counselors and organizations worldwide, it does so via a radically different route than the MBTI®.

The MajorsPTI is web-based for ease of access and accuracy. The MajorsPTI uses newer methods of asking and weighting the questions, which result in improved accuracy with fewer questions than standard measures of psychological type—only 52 basic items and the innovative Type Precision Module (a form of computer adaptive assessment) for even greater accuracy. This dynamic process can add up to 20 additional items (5 per dichotomy as necessary), which help boost instrument validity/accuracy for a wide range of clients.

Differential Intensity Weighting

The MajorsPTI was created to take advantage of recent advances in the field of psychometric and theoretical thought about personality type. These advances include using a non-forced choice format and respondent-based weighting methods. The purpose of using these new measurement techniques is to create an instrument that more accurately determines Jungian type, as identified by the standard (Myers) four-letter type code; as well as provide a direct accurate scoring of the 8 Jungian mental functions (Majors/Jungian 8-Process Scores).

The MajorsPTI uses levels of similarity to provide clarity of results and increased precision. By using graduated response scales (somewhat like me, very like me), not only do you receive information about a choice decision (direction), you also have knowledge of the level of similarity between the person and the response (intensity). This new form of scoring is called Differential Intensity Weighting. The addition of levels in the response format, and the corresponding Differential Intensity Weighting scoring, adds new information that improves the precision of identifying the individual’s natural preference.

Majors PTI - MBTI Alternative