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Personality Type

Next-Generation Personality Assessment

Majors Personality Type Inventory is a concise, advanced assessment tool that builds on 80 years of research about psychological type. Although it produces the four-letter personality type code that the MBTI® is known for, the code used by counselors and organizations worldwide, it does so via a radically different route than the MBTI®.

An Extensive Dive into Jungian Type Theory

The Majors Elements™ is a very accurate, concise assessment tool that provides information on complex elements of human personality. The instrument contains three main parts that are used to operationalize Jung’s theory of psychological types. Not only does it produce the four-letter personality code using the innovations found in the Majors PTI™, it also identifies the different ways that individuals adapt to or compensate for circumstances. Further it provides scores for the level of development, access and usability for the 8 Jungian menial functions.

Written by Mark Majors, PhD, developer of the Majors Assessments

Why Does the Personality Instrument Matter

Career Development

A New Tool for Career Counselors

Majors Occupational Environment Measure helps individuals maximize their occupational satisfaction through the lens of occupational activities and global interest areas. The Majors OEM™ consists of 93 statements where users are able to rank their preference or avoidance of the item on a 5-point scale. The MajorsOEM™ provides you with a complete set of results (avoidance and preference) that are consistently reliable, valid in application and intuitively meaningful for your clients.

Written by Mark Majors, PhD, developer of the Majors Assessments

OMG! Not Another Career Assessment: A Developer's Journey

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Assessments are used by 75% of Best-in-Class organizations for developing targeted development plans and by 61% for developing interpersonal and leadership skills —Aberdeen Group, Talent Assessment Strategies 2012.