Leader's Beacon Platform

A powerful system for human resource and organizational development professionals. Use advanced psychometric tools and survey participant experience on a single platform.

Transcend the Transaction

A Powerful System for Understanding Human Behavior

Understanding and assessing human behavior has never been more important than it is today. What if you could have a resource that helps you see potential possibilities both in your clients and your business? The Leader’s Beacon Shift Platform™ provides professionals with easy to use tools that will help you get your desired results.

  • Manage clients
  • Keep organized with a project-based system
  • Use psychometric assessments
  • Survey participant experiences

Psychometric Assessments

Explore human potential

Whether you are exploring behavioral styles or finding strengths to identify the right career path, Leader’s Beacon suite of psychometric assessments will focus on your ongoing development of human potential.

Experience Surveys

Unlock the Value of Your Participant Experiences

Leader’s Beacon provides a simple method for getting feedback to examine your participant’s perspective of your services. How well are you really doing? Based on participant response, Leader’s Beacon indexes their experience rating using the Net Promoter Score model. A single score that, when combined with their feedback, has immediate application to diagnosing the success of your services and helping you market new services.

  • Single question, high-response rate.
  • A simple, practical measure to examine what your participants think and feel about your services.
  • Use positive feedback to promote services.

Features of the Leader's Beacon Shift Platform™


Command Center

Command Center gives you an overview of your entire account.

Client Management

Manage your client data and associate your projects with client accounts.

Project Based

Project-based system that keeps your participants and reports organized.


On-screen and PDF reports available for all projects.

Psychometric Assessments

Qualified professionals can utilize psychometric tools from personality assessments to career assessments.

Experience Surveys

Professionals can use experience surveys to gather feedback, assess user experience, and generate testimonials for internal/external marketing.

Participant Management

Easily add or import participants for your projects.

Help Desk

Integrated support system for requesting help or asking questions.

File Library

Manage your ebooks or other purchased electronic files in one place.

Customize Messaging

Customize every aspect of your projects from invitations to your landing pages.