Boost Employee Engagement – 3 Questions to Ask

3 Questions You Must Ask to Boost Employee Engagement to Build a More Positive, Productive and Profitable Organization

One of the key ingredients necessary to build stronger customer and workplace relationships involves keeping your employees engaged, motivated and happy. If your employees aren’t happy; employee engagement, productivity, and customer satisfaction will be diminished.

In my teambuilding workshops/retreats one of the first things we do is to find out what the  employees at the retreat want from their co-workers, what they want for personal satisfaction and what they want  from the organization to feel that are doing something worthy.  Below is a composite list of the answers that I have received.  This list comes from hundreds of groups that I have worked with. Please use this list as a reference guide when working with employees and/or team members to build a more positive, productive, profitable and joyful organization.

1.       What  do I need from my co-workers?

–          Open minded
–          Civility
–          No Bullying
–          No Anger
–          Respect
–          Inclusion on decisions that affect my job
–          Support of management
–          Patience
–          Transparency, conciseness
–          Integrity
–          Dedication
–          Teamwork
–          Dependability
–          Open communication
–          Appreciation and respect of my role and knowledge
–          Continued challenge and growth
–          Listen and consideration of my opinion and thoughts
–          Be positive
–          Not asking for things at last minute
–          Shares only information that needs to be shared
–          Competency and follow-through
–          I need to be trusted and consulted
–          I need warmth in my interactions – need to feel a connection

2.       What do I need for personal satisfaction?

–          Feeling of being in on things
–          Sympathetic understanding of personal problems
–          I feel like I am being included in major decisions that relate and impact my department
–          I need to trust that my colleagues understand my the commitment and energy
–          Less stress
–          Pleasant atmosphere
–          Learning something new
–          Time to do a good job
–          Appreciation for a job well done
–          An environment that blends personal and professional needs
–          Respect for diversity
–          Understanding more about different aspects
–          Continued flexibility
–          Understanding  of my workload and what it takes to there
–          Value of contribution
–          Want to be included
–          Respect

3.       What do I need for worthy work?

–          Understand vision and goals
–          See a project through to the end
–          Growth
–          Results
–          Acknowledgement
–          End results to satisfaction
–          Impactful decisions
–          To be assigned work in any aspect to serve the staff
–          Continued challenge and growth
–          Feeling of contribution to mission of the department and organization
–          Making a difference/having an impact
–          Like to see discussions come to fruition
–          Find positive win-win solutions
–          To feel part of a team that is working collectively
–          To feel I am growing and learning