50 Key Ingredients to Enduring Connections

In my workshops and training sessions over the last 20+ years on improving customer and workplace relationships  I have found that there are 50 key ingredients that play a major factor in everything from employee engagement, leadership and  team building to customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and sales.

To establish excellent customer and workplace relationships and connections, you need to continually work on your communication skills, interpersonal  relationships,  people skills, emotional intelligence and presentation skills.

In fact in the organizations I work with as a speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach I find that over 90% of the problems are a result of poor communication and people skills.

Here is a checklist to remind and reinforce the message of what is important to success. This is from the book, “Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere” by Arnold Sanow and Sandra Strauss.

  1. Make people your passion
  2. Be a Conscious Connector in building positive relationships
  3. Boost good feelings in others
  4. Communicate with care
  5. Engage the interest of others by focusing on what interests them
  6. Approach each interaction with positive intent
  7. Take the initiative to reach out to others first
  8. Project a positive presence
  9. Be attentive
  10. Express empathy
  11. Build trust; mean what you say, and say what you mean
  12. Adapt how you communicate to best serve what others need
  13. Act in ways that make people feel valued
  14. Give feedback tactfully and receive it willingly
  15. Create a sense of safety and openness
  16. Mend misunderstandings
  17. Keep an open mind
  18. Seek to understand how others see a situation
  19. Acknowledge and honor the feelings of others
  20. Monitor and master your emotions
  21. Hear people out
  22. Drop any need to “be right”
  23. Let go of grudges
  24. Greet people with a smile
  25. Open your heart when it closes
  26. Seek peace when others don’t
  27. Be responsive to what others want or need
  28. Respect differences
  29. Let words of caring and kindness work their magic
  30. Don’t take anyone for granted
  31. Thank people for their help, their time, their service, their thoughtfulness, their caring, and their support
  32. Act as a catalyst to help others get what they want
  33. Praise positive behaviors
  34. Energize the winning spirit
  35. Make the right choices to create the desired outcomes
  36. Give people credit for their ideas
  37. Express a dazzling attitude, even when it’s difficult
  38. Resolve conflicts with diplomacy
  39. Build bridges that join; remove walls that separate
  40. Release negative labels (of yourself and others)
  41. Speak your truth
  42. Accept responsibility; avoid playing the blame game
  43. Forgive others (and yourself) for flubs, faux pas, and foibles
  44. Light the way with laughter
  45. Project a cooperative spirit
  46. Express enthusiasm
  47. Encourage the expression of gifts, talents, and personal excellence
  48. Model the behaviors you want others to express
  49. Handle every connection with care and keep them in good repair
  50. Be interested, not just interesting