Dr. Mark S. Majors is a counseling psychologist with extensive psychometric experience that includes data analysis on the 1994 Strong Interest Inventory and the MBTI® Form M, as well as the development of the IRT scoring. He was coauthor for the MBTI® Form Q Manual. Mark is also the developer of the Majors Personality Type Inventory (MajorsPTI), Majors Elements, and Majors Occupational Environment Measure (MajorsOEM).

Free Online Type Tests

The Free Online Type Invasion: How To Respond to the Test From OZ

Often the individuals that we professionals work with, report a previous experience with an online assessment that gave a different 4-letter Type code. Much like free medical advice, the results can be harmful for similar reasons. Getting information, typological or medical, is an interesting personal exercise. The simple process of learning something about ourselves and…