When to Send a Top Producer to the Competition

Have you ever heard the phrase, “horizontal turnover”? This is where the jerk stays and the team around him or her leaves.  This happens more than you think, especially in a sales driven culture where top producers are god-like Rock Stars to management. How can it happen?  Easy: They get hired, and once in, their […]

7 Ways to Handle Difficult Conversations

In my keynotes and workshops on “Getting Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere”, one of the questions that ultimately comes up is, “how do I tell someone about a character or behavioral flaw in their personality?” If you work with customers or have co-workers, are a manager, coach, or care about your friends, there will come […]

The Leader as Authentic Actor

Actors on stage and screen are not genuine. They are fakes. They are playing a part, not themselves. Of course, we expect them to do this and, furthermore, we expect them to do it really well, to convince us that they are the character they are playing. But what about a managers who has to […]

Two Critical Tests for Sales Candidates (Part 1)

When hiring for a position as critical as sales, I’m always surprised that companies don’t take the time to test candidates better than they do. I recognize that the HR department is ill equipped to test salespeople beyond the standard personality or temperament assessment but, even then, most seem loath to use these tools. It’s […]

Employee Motivation – 9 Simple Tips for Managers

Employee motivation, in my view, is key to creating long term successful companies.  While there are no magic bullets out there, here are 9 tips that we’ve gathered over the years that can help any manager improve the motivation of the people working for him or her.

Stop Watering Dead Plants

There is absolutely no doubt that persistence is a key element for sales success. But where does persistence stop and being a pest begin, and when is being persistent just plain dumb? This is not a problem for most salespeople because, as a general rule, they give up far too soon in the selling process. […]