The Cold Call Is Dead: Long Live the Social Hat Tip

Why do we use social media, be it personally or professionaly?  To be heard. This was my takeaway from the recent Edison Research survey, which indicated that 25% of Facebook users visit the network five times or more a day.  And when they visit, they pay more attention to interactions with their posts than the […]

Warning For Facebook Page Owners: Pay The Piper Or Lose Your Following

As of today, I’m back to blogging as the epicentre of my social media plan. For the last few months, my Facebook Page has been my go to for posting updates related to my business, writings and my outreach.  Why not?  It was easier than a blog post, and once you figured out what Edgerank […]

You Don't Need More Time, You Need Uninterrupted Focus

Twenty years ago, likely, you were desperate for more time.  Managing it was the key to success. Time was the scarce resource of the uber successful and the harried executive.  Today, we have more time than ever, aided by myriad tools and software solutions.  We can move mountains in days, aided by digital devices and […]