Skip Your Email Before You Go To Bed

There’s a new habit in our info-life.  A stop on our way to lala land every night.  Our Inbox. Sometimes, it’s a computer on a desk.  Others, it’s your iPhone by the bedpost. Any device will deliver your email, a constant string of welcome and unwelcome chatter.  And your curiosity kills you, just like a […]

Corrections To Love Is the Killer App

It’s been a dozen years since I wrote the first draft of my book, Love Is the Killer App: How To Win Business and Influence Friends.  Since then, the world has changed significantly, and so has my perspective. In the digital future, it will be easy to make corrections to a book, to keep it […]

Leaders Beware – Your every move is being scrutinized

Ever wondered what it felt like to be a lab rat?  Constantly being observed and tested.  Literally put under the microscope; each action scrutinized. Well, if you’re a leader – you might understand that feeling. As leaders, we must realize that, like it or not, we are being watched. Closely. The nuances of our behavior […]

Two Critical Tests for Sales Candidates (Part 2)

In part one I expressed my despair that companies don’t do a more thorough job of selecting salespeople. My concerns stem from my years in the sales training business where I was too often brought into a company and asked to basically train pigs to fly. They wanted to train salespeople who, at best, should […]