When You Should Say I'm Sorry Instead of Thanks

When you hurt someone’s feelings at work, it’s too easy to try and smooth it over with an attoboy or platitude.  But is that really a relationship booster or just a band aid? Most of my keynote talks are about how to create and maintain strong business relationships.  Most discussions focus on customer or teammate […]

Does Change Have to be Painful?

A corporate leader’s job is hardly easy.  He or she must efficiently manage employees, account for outside competition, note any changes in the industry landscape and if necessary, profoundly modify the operational model a business should employ.   Ironically, most leaders shrug in defiance at such duties due to their seemingly complex nature.  However, there are […]

Dial Up the Underdeveloped Ego

I don’t know about you but it pains me to see so many people in organizations not contributing near to what they are capable of. Many of course, for any multitude of reasons, just don’t want to, thank you very much. They are satisfied with average, with just enough. That’s a topic for another time. […]

Managing Prima Donnas at Work

Do you have some employees or co-workers who think of themselves as extra special, indispensible and untouchable? Their superior attitude often ticks off the people who work with them. So today we look at the right and wrong way to deal with prima donnas in the workplace. Dealing With Prima Donnas at Work Employees and […]

Biz leaders, too much ego is toxic

Everyone knows someone with a narcissistic personality. Often, it is someone of power that shows the extreme symptoms of narcissism. Even a few leaders in the ancient world came to believe they were gods. I hope those times are done. A narcissist, by definition, is a personality trait of egotism, vanity, or simple selfishness. They […]

Conquering the Fear of Closing

Do you know the major reason why prospects don’t buy? They were never asked! That’s right, no one asked them for the business. Strange as it seems, salespeople use all their superior selling skills to get in front of a prospect, qualify him, uncover his needs, match their product or service to those needs, and […]

Everybody and Nobody…The Decision Maker

It isn’t unusual that by the time salespeople get as far along in the sales process to learn how decisions are made, who are the players who make those decision and what is the timing of the decision, that they are so excited to have made it this far that they quickly skim over it […]