7 Ways to Handle Difficult Conversations

In my keynotes and workshops on “Getting Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere”, one of the questions that ultimately comes up is, “how do I tell someone about a character or behavioral flaw in their personality?” If you work with customers or have co-workers, are a manager, coach, or care about your friends, there will come […]

Dial Up the Underdeveloped Ego

I don’t know about you but it pains me to see so many people in organizations not contributing near to what they are capable of. Many of course, for any multitude of reasons, just don’t want to, thank you very much. They are satisfied with average, with just enough. That’s a topic for another time. […]

How to Resolve Complaints

“As a speaker, trainer, coach and consultant helping companies and organizations to improve customer and workplace relationships one question I always get is, “What are some ways to deal with complaints?” The word “complaint” is loaded with negative connotations. But in fact, complaining does offer an opportunity to set things right. According to Sandra Crowe, […]

Every Manager a Coach

A recent study reinforces the value of coaching by managers throughout the organization. Here are a few key points it makes: Business results were 21% higher in enterprises where senior leaders very frequently make an effort to coach others. This increased when organizations had a culture that supports coaching and makes managers accountable for engaging […]

Helping or Harping?

When front line supervisors and managers are asked to share some of the characteristics of the best manager or supervisor they had ever worked for,  they will include “supportive” on that list. One participant was even more emphatic – his best boss was focused on “helping” not “harping”. A boss who is constantly critical and […]

Leaders Don’t Allow Tasks to Take Time Away from People

With business demands and the amount of information increasing, it is tempting for managers to hunker down and spend most of their attention on tasks – dealing with customer/supplier issues, operational issues, answering email, endless meetings and the never ending to-do list.

This Year…What is Your "Edge for Development?"

People with a strong business and entrepreneurial sense are always praising the merits of focusing. They focus on their strategic priorities. They focus on the numbers, benchmarking wherever it makes sense. They focus on the company’s core values, unique selling proposition, and so on. They do so because it is the best way to optimize […]

Giving Difficult Feedback: 5 Steps to Telling Inconvenient Truths

One of the most challenging aspects of a manager’s job, the part that is most messy and unpredictable, is giving corrective feedback. Whether it’s delivering a less than stellar review, coaching a challenging employee, or laying someone off, for those of us who are wired to avoid conflict, this can be excruciating. We often walk […]