Networking…The New Renewable Resource

Since we all seem to be very preoccupied these days with conserving energy, focusing on recycling and using alternate resources, it seems fitting to remind you that creating goodwill within the relationships of your network, is never in limited supply.

You create goodwill by looking for ways to be a resource to others and going out of your way to help someone in your network, expecting nothing in return. We need to approach our network with the same selfless manner as we do with recycling our aluminum, paper and plastics, knowing that our efforts benefit the earth and the greater good, not just us personally. Goodwill is a renewable resource that holds the potential to have the biggest impact on your networth. I’m not talking about financial networth…I’m talking about your social capital.

Your networth (social capital) will rise when your network experiences, hears about or witnesses you committing an act of goodwill. Creating some goodwill typically requires very little effort and energy output on your part. It’s as easy as making a phone call, sending an email or introducing two people who you think need to know each other. Often, this small but significant act opens the exact door that person needed to move ahead. The network contact you help will be forever grateful and typically will tell at least 12 people how helpful and valuable you are.

A little goodwill can go a long way. Together we can change the world one connection at a time. Pass it on!