Instant Attitude Adjusters to See the Light

In my keynotes and workshops focusing on building rapport, relationships and connecting with others to build a more positive, productive and profitable organization, the foundation for success starts with everyone having a positive outlook and good attitude.

Keeping your attitude adjusted is not always easy. Even extremely positive people have moments when they grumble, groan, and glimpse the worst instead of the best in life’s ever-changing events. The difference is that they don’t dwell on them, and they work feverishly to find the good in a bad or undesirable situation. KeepingĀ  an optimistic attitude in the face of negative events is a challenge to even the most optimistic of souls.

It often take some tools to shift perspectives during difficult, discouraging and trying times. Optimists live for the light and look hard to see rays of hope filtering through the darkness. To put an optimistic spin on negativity, and break away from gloomy, dismal, or depressing thoughts, use these attitude adjusters to light your way:

Flip Side Exercise

I have helped implement this attitude adjustment technique with organizations ranging from doctors offices, retail stores, associations to airports, phone companies and police departments.

This mind-bending game is based on the principle that a kernel of good is usually planted inside every situation no matter how dismal it may appear. Holding to this belief can miraculously twist your perspective when the unexpected happens. For example:

* If you hate your job, at least you have one.

* If you don’t have a job, new opportunities will await you.

* If you are involved in a fender bender, thank your lucky stars that you weren’t

* If your computer crashes, while it is frustrating, it can be repaired and replaced.

Trying to find the flip side of your negative attitude may be laborious, especially when life’s complications multiply stress. At these times, you have to dig down deep and put your frustrations in perspective to remember what is really important. It takes some doing to focus on what’s good, rather than bad.

To focus on the flip side we have our clients carry a pocket-size notebook with them everywhere they go. When something goes wrong, write down what happened and then look at the flip side. We did this with one of our clients and they had 46% less complaints from customers. This was attributed to the improved attitude of the staff.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Too often, life’s challenges can affect our attitude. When some unpleasant situation happens, ask yourself, “What am I grateful for at this moment?” When you ask this it immediately takes you away from feeling sorry for yourself and helps you to look at all the good things you have.

Simplify Your Life

The stress and strain of life in the fast lane can take their toll. Examine what might be the root of your stress and then explore ways to reduce it. For example, in one company where I facilitated a workshop one of the employees had a really poor attitude. The company was ready to fire him. I asked if I could talk with him before they were going to let him go. I discovered that he had a one hour commute to work every morning and it really stressed him out. To make a long story short, he moved closer to work and it completely turned around his outlook andĀ  attitude.