How Good Is Your Get Along IQ?

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 on the statements below:

2-Almost never
4-Almost always

How often do you …

____ Listen to others attentively, even when you disagree?
____ Boost good feelings in others?
____ Project a positive presence?
____ Express a positive attitude even when it’s difficult?
____ Give people credit for their ideas?
____ Resolve conflicts with diplomacy?
____ Treat others with respect even when you find it challenging to do so?
____ Honor differences of opinion and keep an open mind?
____ Act as a catalyst to help others get what they want?
____ Accept responsibility for a mistake you’ve contributed to or caused?
____ Adapt how you communicate in order to be most effective in relating to the needs of others?
____ Seek to understand how others see a situation?
____ Provide ample opportunity for people to air their grievances or concerns?
____ Give feedback tactfully and receive it willingly?
____ Work to find the best possible solutions for all parties involved when disputes arise?
____ Model the same behaviors you want others to express?
____ Seek to respond to what others want or need?
____ Master your emotions when angry or frustrated?
____ Create a sense of safety and openness?
____ Keep current as to what’s important and valued by others in every arena of your life?
____ Act in ways that make people feel valued?
____ Drop any need to be right?
____ Let go of grudges?
____ Keep your commitments or promises?
____ Communicate respect in everything you say and do?

110-125: You’re a Get Along guru!
90-109: You’re using some excellent connection strategies, but you’re missing some important connecting cues.
76-89: Being responsive to others is music to their ears! Explore more ways to connect to what others want, need or value.
75 and under: Pump up your Get Along Power! You may find yourself often frustrated from misunderstandings, disappointments and missed connection opportunities.

© Arnold Sanow and Sandra Strauss, Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere–8 Keys to Creating Enduring Connections, Morgan James, 2007.