9 Ways to Impress and Influence Your Boss

Many times we forget that bosses are also human. They are affected by the same emotions, concerns and challenges that we all have.

By understanding them and realizing they are people too, we can use the same skills to communicate that we use with co-workers, employees, customers or family members.

To get along with your boss, influence them and get them singing your praises here are some guidelines to follow:

1. Provide a Context for Your Message.

They’re busy.  When talking with your boss, remind them of what you are doing so there is no confusion.  By adding a pretext to your question it adds power to getting the answer you want. If people are confused they usually don’t do anything.

2. Be Direct, Crisp and Brief.

Bosses don’t want to play guessing games with you. Think and organize what you want to say before talking to them. Brevity is a highly sought after skill.

3. Anticipate Questions and Needs for Information.

Be prepared before any meeting with your boss on questions or concerns he or she may have.

4. Learn the Boss’s Style of Writing or Relating to Others.

Communicate in the ingredients important to them and not to you. If you always communicate in your style to everyone you meet, you will miss the mark about 75% of the time.

5. Accept Criticism in Stride.

The best way to handle an argument is to avoid it. If criticized, don’t become defensive. Thank them for the feedback and ask for suggestions for improvement.

6. Take Praise Well.

Don’t negate praise or show false modesty. When you are praised, just say “thank you.”

7. Correct Your Boss with Tact.

If your boss makes a mistake, don’t say “you’re wrong about …..” instead say something like, “I wonder if we should take another look at ….”

8. Praise but don’t Flatter.

You don’t want to look like a ‘kiss up’ by always saying how great the boss it.  Boss’s need praise and recognition to. Just make sure you give it when it is deserved.

9. Don’t Offer Unsolicited Promises to Gain Favor.

Make sure all your promises are backed up with actions. If you make a promise and don’t fulfill it your reputation will be hurt. A good philosophy to follow is to under-promise and over-deliver.