Good Governance Story

I worked recently with the Board of Directors of a large public power company. They needed stronger governance systems. I mentioned how efficient boards operate. I broke down our approach. “With our framework,” I told them, “the board expresses exactly what it wants the organization to achieve in the form of policies. By defining what…


The Dynamic Path: Access the Secrets of Champions to Achieve Greatness Through Mental Toughness, Inspired Leadership, and Personal Transformation

By James M. Citrin Rodale, 2007 ISBN #978-1-59486-358-5 Reviewed by Ian Cook Ground-breaking tennis great Billie Jean King won 20 Wimbledon titles, 13 US Opens, the French and Australian Opens, and was ranked the world’s No. 1 woman tennis player seven times. She went on to do pioneering work on Title IX legislation for women’s…


Join the Conversation

It was one of those business trips where I was going to have to be on four planes and deliver the opening keynote for a conference all within 24 hours. In an effort to conserve energy, I hunkered down in the seat of my first flight, turned on my ipod, opened my computer and entered…


Deal or No Deal: Minimize “Definite Maybes”

Unbeknownst to most salespeople is the idea that selling is all about getting prospects to make decisions, both small and large. Getting decisions that reach a conclusive “no” or “yes” and getting decisions that allow the prospects the freedom to decide “no,” without the fear of a salesperson’s full frontal counterattack. Therefore, selling isn’t as…


Executive Coaching – On The Rise

Isn’t it funny what we assume about leaders in senior positions. They no longer have anything to learn about interpersonal relationships or leadership. They have arrived, proof positive of their skill level! Furthermore, only a fearless few people will give them the honest, useful feedback that self-development requires. The “culture” expects them to be role…


How to Get Free Sales Training

Let’s face it; everyone likes to get something for nothing, particularly if that something is valuable. What could be more valuable to a salesperson than receiving professional sales training? I mean sales training is something that can impact your wallet for the rest of your selling career. And to get it for free! Does it…


A Leader’s Legacy

By James M. Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner Jossey-Bass, 2006 ISBN #978-0-7879-8296-6 Reviewed by Ian Cook As a leader, would you say one of your goals is to leave a legacy? Based on their observations of leaders over the last twenty years, Kouzes and Posner expect your answer is probably “yes.”


The Benefits of Hiring A Business Coach

Small and mid-sized entrepreneurs, upwardly mobile business professionals and large corporations are increasingly using the services of business coaches to accelerate professional growth by helping them understand their strengths and challenges, achieve goals and objectives, a get results far beyond what an individual can accomplish by themselves. In this economy, however, spending money on a…