Onboarding: Make sure your new hires are ‘all aboard’

Remember those first-day of school jitters? You were nervous with anticipation and, as a result, probably slept very little wondering where your classes were and what your new teachers were like (stickler for rules or laid-back and fun)? That’s not even considering all the social issues that arise such as who would be in your class and where you would sit for lunch at the cafeteria.

We all hoped that those first-day jitters ended as soon as we received our high school and college diplomas, but as I’m sure you’re aware, that is not the case. Whenever one starts a new job, they are faced with […]

Grow Your Own Talent Pool

So let’s say there is a skills gap in your company. If budgets allow, your first inclination might be to hire someone from outside the company to close that gap. After all, there are some people who know how to look great on “paper”, and a stunning resume can make any company leader salivate over the potential of hiring a “rock star” employee.

While that philosophy works in certain situations, new research suggests promoting an in-house employee may actually perform better than hiring an external candidate.

The research, conducted by University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Management Professor Matthew Bidwell, claims external hires actually get lower performance […]

Making Your Workplace Great(er)

Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers – Stephen Covey

In Reader’ Digest a story is told of a factory worker who refused to sign up for group insurance. The problem was no policy could be issued until all employees signed up. Yet he held out stubbornly. The foreman begged him to sign; the shop foreman pleaded with him; the plant superintendent and general manager begged him to sign. Still he said no.

Finally, the owner of the factory took him aside and said, “Listen, if you don’t sign up, I’ll fire you.” The worker grabbed the paper and signed […]

Three Compensation Innovations that Will Change Your Culture

That which is compensated, is motivated.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Between my speaking and consulting, I have many opportunities to compare comp plans and the resulting corporate cultures they create.  If you want to have a strong customer service culture, for example, you’ll need to aim all compensation plans at achieving it.  If you want to have a strong entrepreneurial gene in your, generously reward the risk takers.

It’s sad, though, that in sales cultures, we get stuck in the Quota/Bonus pay out trap.  By trap, I mean that most companies reward sales and management, based mostly on financial performance.  It’s easy for this to lead to […]

Pay me more, please: Effort vs. Results

Over the years, many employees have expressed unhappiness when they receive an “average” pay increase.

My first question to them is, “Why should you receive a higher increase than the rest of the group?”

The answer? … “Because I have worked harder than anybody else”. […]

Job References DO count – never burn a bridge!

This week, I’ve had several scary job reference requests.  Three out of four had an unhappy ending.  So do job references really make a difference?  Listen to 4 stories and decide for yourself…..

In my own experience, the two worst mistakes made during hiring are: […]